19 Apr


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7 Ways on How to Minimize Moving Stress

Whether you are moving cities or just across town to a new place, you still have to face the reality of packing up and moving all of your possessions. It's stressful to have to pack up your entire life and move it from Point A to Point B, especially if you are moving a bit farther than just around the corner. We at Smooth Moves, your friendly London, Ontario movers, have a list of seven tips for when it's time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.


Before you start packing, you can save a lot of time by decluttering and getting rid of items you no longer have the use for. Rather than packing up and moving unwanted items, donating them to a local charity, second-hand shop, online bidding site or a consignment store will save you time and you could make some money. Smooth Moves, your friendly junk removal company in London also donates items to various charities, we also go above and beyond by donating to the charity of our client's choosing,  so you can call us to collect unwanted items before your big move.

Start Collecting Boxes

If you decide to pack your belongings yourself and you don't want to purchase boxes, it's time to start collecting. Many grocery stores have boxes they will give you free of charge. You can also ask family and friends if they have boxes they can give you. The earlier you start accumulating boxes, the less you will have to buy. Remember, pack books and heavier items into small sturdy boxes, or you won't be able to lift them. If you do need help packing your possessions, Smooth Moves also offers full packing services.

Set Aside Time

You will need to take time away from your busy life to get your packing done. You can’t always take time off work or set aside an entire weekend, but this needs to get done. Try to start early and pack as much as you can. Put away everything but the essentials, and then once it's time to move, pack those items into boxes labelled “essentials”, so you know what to unpack first. This will help your move to go smoother.

Make A Game Plan

When you pack, don't flit from room to room; make a strategy and stick to it. The best way to do this is to categorize things by room and fragility. Put all breakables together (properly wrapped and protected) and label those boxes ‘FRAGILE’ so that everyone knows to handle them with care.


Everyone owns valuables that they worry may get lost or misplaced in the move.  It is a good idea to pack these items together, securely, and take them to your new home yourself. There are going to be many boxes, and keeping the important things separate will protect them.

Make a Timeline

If you have to vacate your current home and need to get into your new place on the same day, it can be stressful. There is no room for error, everything has to be moved, and nothing can be missed. If possible, it is a good idea to set the closing date on the property you are vacating a week after your move-in date to give you wiggle room, paying an extra month’s rent if you are renting, or arranging for bridge financing for homeowners.  Moving day will be that much smoother, and less stressful.


Whether you are moving by yourself or using a moving company, make sure that everyone knows what their jobs are so that you can oversee everything. These are your belongings, and you want them treated properly. You can't do that while you're trying to do the moving yourself.

Call the Professionals

Even with all these tips, moving can be completely overwhelming. We at Smooth Moves are a full-service moving company. We also offer packing and unpacking services, as well as junk removal in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. If you want it in your new home, we'll get it there. If you'd rather have it out of your sight, we'll get rid of it for you. Call us today for a quote, and we will get you moved as smoothly as possible.