04 Jan


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Decluttering Tips

It is no secret that the majority of us have way too much stuff in our homes. It is not uncommon to find our houses crammed with it, in fact, storage is one of the biggest complaints people have with their homes. However, if you are willing to change your perspective a bit, you can change your life and way of living.

Taking some time to declutter is your opportunity to clear out unwanted items in your home and part with the old clothes, toys, old decorations, collectibles, and anything else laying around your home that no longer serves your life.

Here are some great ways for you to unpack the baggage around what you own:

Acknowledge What You Can and Cannot Let Go Of

One of the biggest reasons that so many find decluttering to be so difficult is that it means parting with things that might mean more to us than we are even willing to admit to ourselves. Often, these objects that we are holding on to are actually stand-ins for different emotions. If you are able to recognize that your stuff is more than just stuff will help you address some of the underlying causes for why you just can’t seem to let go. Acknowledging this to yourself will also allow you to accept those emotions, therefore allowing yourself to give some of it up and move on from there.

Invest in Furniture That Does Twice the Work

To get rid of over-the-top furniture and clutter – that often are not really doing you any favors, and incorporate extra storage in every possible aspect of the room. Invest in a coffee table that opens up to store blankets, books, movies, and magazines. Side tables with drawers or cabinets are a good place to stick remotes and media. When it comes to furniture in a small space, functionality is key – and is important for furniture pieces of all sizes.

Do Not Hold on to Things Out of a Sense of Guilt or False Obligation

Simply because you received something as a gift a couple of years ago does not mean that you have to hold on to it forever. Yes, it’s nice that your friend bought that bright pink glittery “BEST FRIENDS” plaque, but if you do not like it – GET RID OF IT. If it is not something you that you truly love, the absolute best advice is to donate it to someone who could really use it.

Start with the Easiest Stuff and Go On From There

One of the reasons that so many people detest decluttering, is the idea of having to sort through everything they own and make some hard decisions. However, once it reaches a certain critical mass, decluttering and cleaning everything out can feel like a totally overwhelming job. When it begins to feel like this the best advice is to start early and take care of the easy stuff first. For example,  sort through the old mail or go through a laundry basket of clothes in an hour or two, that is a great first step. Then continue on with small steps, eventually, it will not feel overwhelming, but you will be motivated by the progress that you have made.