19 Mar


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Tips on How to Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

If you are moving into your first apartment, you may not know where to start. You will be surrounded by four walls and a bunch of boxes filled with all of your belongings.

Depending on the type of apartment you rent, you probably won’t be able to customize your space with your own paint or other construction projects. There are a few ways you can still create a space that you love to live in that has all the things that will make it feel like home! Here are a few tips on how to feel right at home when you move into your new apartment

Unpack quickly as possible

Moving is an exhausting process and can take up all your energy. When all of your boxes are moved into your apartment, the last thing you feel like doing is unpacking everything. You can take some time to recoup and celebrate your move, but you should unpack everything the very next day. With work and a busy social life, you could put off unpacking weeks or even months after you have moved and your boxes will become an eyesore. When you are finished unpacking throw away, donate or hide your boxes to start creating a homely space!

Crank the music

Put on your favourite album or soundtrack and get unpacking! Listen to some upbeat music that will melt away the stress that may come with unpacking all of your boxes. With good music that you love, time will fly by and you will be unpacked in no time.

Set up the essentials first

This will mostly take place in your bedroom and bathroom. Set up your bed and make it the way you have all your life. Having a cozy and comfortable looking bed will be a great start in making your apartment feel like home.

Next, set up the bathroom with your new shower curtain, put your towels away, organize your medicine cabinet, and do a light cleaning to make sure it shines! Take a quick shower to decompress and to get used to your new shower/bathtub.

Open up space

When you are setting up your living room area, open up a window and let the sunshine through the blinds. The light and air will give a boost to your mood and motivate you to keep unpacking and setting up your new apartment. Start unpacking the stuff that reminds you of home. Set up pictures of friends and family, tape up the posters you had in your childhood bedroom, and unpack the knick-knacks that will make your atmosphere more homely.

Host an apartment warming party

After you have unpacked everything and you haven’t moved too far away from your family and friends, host an apartment warming party to make it feel you haven’t left home while the people closest to you admire your new space!

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